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Last Supper is 3 Leagues To Rome’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
3 Leagues To Rome return with a face-melting rock ballad in “Last Supper.” From the intro, the song explodes with epic grandeur, immediately transporting the listener to a high vantage point.

Last Supper is 3 Leagues To Rome’s Single Out Now

While listening I imagine a drone’s-eye view of a world in turmoil – smoking cityscapes and masses of people trudging through a desolate landscape unfurl beneath a searing guitar solo.

The lyrics act as a potent wake-up call, urging listeners to reject the status quo and forge a better path.

It’s a defiant scream against the world’s absurdity, a call to action.

This isn’t your typical radio-friendly rock ballad. “Last Supper” is a full-blown rock opera in miniature, a multi-layered sonic experience.

The soaring guitars, driving drums, and passionate vocals create a powerful statement.

3 Leagues To Rome don’t shy away from the harsh realities of the world, but they also offer a glimmer of hope. “Last Supper” is a powerful reminder of our collective power to create change.

It’s a song that needs to be heard, a rallying cry for a better tomorrow.

Last Supper is 3 Leagues To Rome’s Single Out Now!


3 Leagues to Rome is a rock band from Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Consisting of Brian & Steve Mutchler, Paul Baker, Dave Boggs & Dan Stead, the band has just released a new single called Dying Day.

This song has a few meanings. In this delicate world where it seems that at any moment a war could break out or inflation is so high milk costs more than alcohol and when people are afraid to speak up because they might be cancelled.

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