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Le marteau et l’enclume is Sldghram 1er’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sldghram 1er’s album, “Le marteau et l’enclume,” transcends traditional music to become a metaphysical and sensorial experience.

This sonic journey invites listeners to immerse themselves fully, suggesting that the optimal way to enjoy these sounds is with headphones and eyes closed, allowing oneself to be transported to another universe.

The music presented in this album feels futuristic as if it originates from a time yet to come.

It possesses the ability to evoke oneiric visions, prompting the opening of the third eye and sparking metaphysical contemplation.

The hypnotic and industrial sounds embedded in each track penetrate deep into the soul, creating a profound impact on the listener.

Sldghram 1er demonstrates a remarkable artistic vision through this album, fearlessly venturing into musical realms unexplored.

The exploration of hypnotic and industrial elements showcases an avant-garde approach, pushing the boundaries of conventional sound.

This album is not merely a collection of tracks; it is an invitation to embark on a sonic exploration that reveals new details with each listen.

The richness of the soundscapes encourages repeated engagements, allowing the listener to fully savor the intricacies and nuances embedded in the music.

The album shows the artist’s courage in navigating uncharted musical territories and offers a unique and compelling journey for those willing to venture into the avant-garde.

Le marteau et l’enclume is Sldghram 1er’s Album Out Now!


Le marteau et l’enclume is Sldghram 1er’s Album Out Now

Le marteau et l’enclume (The hammer and the anvil) is a techno album with noise/industrial elements, and a couple of ambient tracks. It takes you on a trip (each track can be listened to individually, but it really shines when listening to the whole thing) surrounding the complications of dealing with people, but also with ourself.

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