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Learn To Fly is The Ruby Tears’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Ruby Tears’ new single “Learn To Fly” is an intense musical journey that immediately captures the listener’s attention.

Learn To Fly is The Ruby Tears’ Single Out Now

The band’s ability to create an ethereal atmosphere, especially through the melodic lines and vocal effects, is reminiscent of iconic groups like Pink Floyd and, in some moments, Dire Straits. This comparison highlights the depth and richness of their sound.

What truly stands out in “Learn To Fly” is the song’s aura of refinement and magic. The melodic line is beautifully crafted, and the generous reverb applied to the vocals creates a dreamlike quality, drawing the listener into a world of musical enchantment.

The song’s ability to make you feel free and in tune with the air against your skin is a testament to The Ruby Tears’ artistry. Their music manages to capture the essence of lightness and transcendence, evoking a sense of soaring and liberation.

The production of the single is noteworthy, showcasing a subtle equilibrium that adds to the overall emotional impact of the music.

The careful arrangement and production choices create a seamless connection with the audience, enhancing the listening experience.

“Learn To Fly” makes you feel as if you’re floating in the air… you must experience this beautiful journey.

Learn To Fly is The Ruby Tears’ Single Out Now!

Ethereal and Refined!

Learn To Fly is The Ruby Tears’ Single Out Now

Born from the weirdness of the first Covid Lockdown. To date, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Jeff Skellon.

After a 3 ½ year journey back into music making and writing and releasing 8 eps and other singles. This song is a step away from the power pop and post-punk that you may expect from the band. We initially sat on its release for a while due to its different direction but a great song is a great song and who are we to keep it from you. 

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