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LearningToDive New Single Tainted Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
we already reviewed the music of this artist in the past but LearningToDive is out now with his new single titled “Tainted” and we want to give our first impression about it.

Another beautiful song proposed by this eclectic artist.

The song immediately takes you with its captivating groove and the magic of the arrangement that reminded me of Depeche Mode.

This artist fascinates me because he has his own unique and unmistakable style. He has a message and a clear vision of his art.

His songs always hide something epic and the message resonates as important.

Also in this tune, I appreciated a veil of melancholy that has the ability to reach the soul and tickle my hidden emotions.

Nice choice of sounds that wink at the 80s accompanied by a melodic line that manages to be modern and takes you on a unique and fascinating journey.

Tainted is LearningToDive’s Single Out Now!

An artist who confirms himself for creativity and uniqueness!


Tainted is a deliberately 80s-style post-punk pop song that attacks the glorification of the military, the military industrial complex and its corruption of our political processes, and the danger these represent to humanity. Our complacency taints us.

The media is focused on the environment but as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says, nuclear war is as great a threat as humanity’s damage to the environment. They have moved their Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight, the closest ever. Massive drums, synths, horns, chorused guitars and plenty of alarming atmosphere.

The chorus pops. Co-produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and Bravo Bonez, engineered and mixed by Clint Murphy (Enter Shikari, 50 Cent). Features guitars by Andy Taylor. Released on the PureSound label. Recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway and PureSound Studios in New Zealand, mixed at Modern World Studios in the UK. Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville

learningtodive · Tainted (Edit) (Feat. Bravo Bonez)

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