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Left to our own devices is Bloomfield Machine’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bloomfield Machine’s album, “Left to Our Own Devices,” is a captivating journey into the realm of experimental music, showcasing the artist’s unique vision and multi-faceted influences.

Left to our own devices is Bloomfield Machine’s Album Out Now

The fusion of Rock, Alternative, and Dark Wave elements within this album creates a harmonious and distinct musical blend that sets Bloomfield Machine apart as an artist unafraid to tread uncharted artistic territory.

One of the most striking aspects of Bloomfield Machine’s work is the seamless integration of these diverse musical genres.

The listener is treated to a sonic landscape that constantly evolves, revealing layers of intricacy and innovation.

This willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles results in a musical experience that is both refreshing and thought-provoking.

The album exudes a twilight ambiance that transports the listener to a parallel universe.

The ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere created by Bloomfield Machine’s music is fantastic.  Futuristic and enigmatic, invites the audience to immerse themselves fully in this sonic adventure.

“Left to Our Own Devices” is a testament to Bloomfield Machine’s artistry and willingness to push boundaries in pursuit of a unique musical expression.

The tracks resonate with a sense of intrigue and mystery, leaving the listener eager to explore more of this artist’s musical universe.

Left to our own devices is Bloomfield Machine’s Album Out Now!


Left to our own devices is Bloomfield Machine’s Album Out Now

Bloomfield Machine is the creation of Brian Kassan a Multi-instrumentalist–classically trained keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, lyricist, and songwriter.

Original bassist/co-songwriter with the band Wondermints where I performed in-studio live with Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and Clem Burke from Blondie.

Co-wrote “Time” which was featured in the HBO movie “Mixed Signals.”  Led the pop/rock band, Chewy Marble, until 2008.  Wrote, produced, mixed all material.  Performed, guitars, keyboards., backing vox.  Released three full albums here in the U.S.–the first self-titled on Permanent Press Recordings, with two released in Japan–Nippon Columbia and Philter Records.  Two songs were used on the Television series “Friday Night Lights.”  KROQ’s “Rodney On the RoQ” named the Chewy Marble debut album in his top 10.

Performed keyboards with a backing band for American Grammy-Nominated Songwriter–Seth Swirsky–for his album “Watercolor Day”

Have written, produced and recorded in my home studio, releasing five (and a soon to be 6th) instrumental album under the name Bloomfield Machine.

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