Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Legion (Remixes) is SIR-VERE's Ep Out Now
Legion (Remixes) is SIR-VERE’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SIR-VERE’s EP “Legion (Remixes)” offers a fascinating exploration of how remixes can transform the essence of a song, presenting a spectrum of diverse approaches that reimagine the original tracks.

Legion (Remixes) is SIR-VERE’s Ep Out Now

The EP showcases a variety of remix styles that breathe new life into the music, making it an interesting listening experience for fans of electronic and industrial sounds.

“Roy Hoy Remix,” exudes industrial vibes with echoes of Prodigy influences, creating a dynamic rhythm that transports listeners to the gritty streets of Berlin.

The remix masterfully blends elements of raw energy with intricate layers, offering a sonic journey that entertains from start to finish.

In contrast, “S-Vas Remix” takes a more post-apocalyptic and dark turn, enveloping listeners in a brooding atmosphere that feels like the soundtrack to a sci-fi thriller.

The instrumental version of this remix further enhances the cinematic quality of the track, evoking imagery of dystopian landscapes and futuristic landscapes.

“Vodzilla” introduces a hypnotic rhythm that sets the stage for an immersive dance party experience. Its pulsating beats and infectious energy make it an ideal choice for late-night revelries, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its mesmerizing soundscape.

For anyone looking to expand their musical horizons, this EP is a must-listen.

Legion (Remixes) is SIR-VERE’s Ep Out Now!


Legion (Remixes) is SIR-VERE’s Ep Out Now

In trademark Sir-Vere style, it comes backed with a neatly varied clutch of different mixes headed up by an alternate version by Dan Konopka, drummer producer from Grammy award-winning OK GO fame, which frazzles the original’s edges with edgy, subtly employed distortion.  The S-VAS version is more like a dub, with its chugging power emphasised and the echo boxes set to stun, while Rise Bailey Rise, Vodzilla, Rory Hoy and the mighty Kid Breaks all share their unique takes on the track too.

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