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Leo is Dead Storm Rising’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dead Storm Rising’s rendition of the band Failure’s original song “Leo” is a fascinating musical transformation that adds a fresh perspective to this cool track.

Leo is Dead Storm Rising’s Single Out Now

Immediately upon hitting play, the inevitable comparison to Type O Negative arises, with Dead Storm Rising successfully infusing the song with deep vocals and industrial hard rock/metal vibes.

While the original song by Failure leans more towards grunge and ’90s styles, Dead Storm Rising’s cover introduces an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere to “Leo.”

This debut single showcases the band’s unique and solid artistic vision, leaving a lasting mark with their distinct interpretation of the source material.

The crepuscular vibes emanating from Dead Storm Rising’s cover add a layer of depth to the song. The debut single not only pays homage to the original but also demonstrates the band’s potential to carve their path in the music scene.

“Leo” serves as a promising introduction to Dead Storm Rising, leaving audiences curious and excited about what the band might bring to the table in the future.

Leo is Dead Storm Rising’s Single Out Now!


Dead Storm Rising is a Gothic Doom Metal studio project founded in Seattle, WA. This anonymous trio weaves melancholic music with haunting melodies that resonate deep within the souls of their listeners.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, and Tool; Dead Storm Rising combines elements of gothic metal, doom metal, and progressive influences to create a unique sound that delves into the depths of human emotions – exploring themes of despair, introspection, and the haunting beauty of darkness.

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