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Les ombres dérangées is Larmes Noires’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Immersing oneself in the musical landscape of Larmes Noires’ album, “Les ombres dérangées,” is an immediate plunge into a realm of intensity and crepuscular beauty.

Les ombres dérangées is Larmes Noires’ Album Out Now

From the intro, the music exudes a twilight atmosphere that is captivating and ethereal, drawing the listener into its enigmatic embrace.

The sonic architecture, driven by the visionary Mathieu Schreyer, unfolds in an epic fashion, anchored by robust and distorted guitars that carve out a formidable presence.

The meticulously crafted chord progressions create a rich layer of complexity, offering a musical journey that keeps the audience engaged from the opening notes to the final cadence.

Schreyer’s innovative approach manifests in a sound that resonates with post-apocalyptic undertones, setting Larmes Noires apart from the mainstream.

The album maintains a remarkable coherence, immersing the listener in a parallel reality where scenes reminiscent of Blade Runner come vividly to mind.

It’s a sonic odyssey that demands multiple listens to fully appreciate the nuances embedded within each track.

Les ombres dérangées is Larmes Noires’ Album Out Now!



Larmes Noires is the new musical adventure of Mathieu Schreyer. In parallel of his Synthwave project MPKS, the dreamer of 40 years old decided to put in music his dark thoughts, trying to be honest with his feelings. How to feel so different in this word.
Music is inspired by Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure… Saturated guitars, dreaming vocals and lyrics in French.
First single ”Si loin” has been released on August 19th 2022, “Sur la brèche” on April 14th 2023. Full first album “Les ombres dérangées” is out now.


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