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Lesson Number Two is Bob Gemmell’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bob Gemmell’s latest single, “Lesson Number Two,” is a profound exploration of human emotion that strikes a chord with its listeners.

Lesson Number Two is Bob Gemmell’s Single Out Now

As an artist renowned for infusing genuine feelings into his music, Gemmell does not disappoint with this track.

“Lesson Number Two” is an intense, emotionally charged experience, resonating deeply with anyone who has witnessed a loved one fade away.

The raw emotions captured in this song are visceral and almost ancestral, touching on something profoundly real and intense.

The melody of “Lesson Number Two” delves deep into the listener’s soul, creating a unique space that bridges the physical and metaphysical.

The refined and sometimes surprising chord progression adds to the song’s depth.

The composition’s complexity and emotional depth reflect Gemmell’s mastery of conveying profound experiences through music.

One of the most striking aspects of “Lesson Number Two” is its twist around minute 2, which provides an unexpected uplift.

While the primary track contemplates the final moments of life, the twist offers a glimpse of joy and serenity that might follow in another world.

This juxtaposition of sorrow and joy is conceptually brilliant.

The song’s structure brings listeners full circle, ending with a sense of fulfilment and returning to the beginning, reflecting Gemmell’s vision.

Lesson Number Two is Bob Gemmell’s Single Out Now!



The lyrics tell of the experience of watching a loved one prepare to leave the world, and what message that person chooses to leave us with. The song follows a string of solo singles and an acclaimed album from Bob Gemmell – songs that attempt to distil the mood in America since the pandemic and the growing political turmoil.
Bob Gemmell is the songwriter and singer for the band Big Medicine Head. Bob’s work a solo artist and as a member of Big Medicine Head is showcased at bobgemmell.com

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