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Let It Heal You is Feralman’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Feralman is very productive and “Let It Heal You” is his new single out now and another one is coming on Friday, Oct 8th…this guy is literally a song machine.

The atmospheres that this eclectic artist manages to create always fascinate me a lot.

Melodies that touch the deepest emotions of a person’s soul. In his music, I hear the sea, the moss, the fog and freedom.

The nostalgia of a past life that I relive in the moment I listen to Feralman’s songs.

Let It Heal You is a fantastic song, produced to perfection with musical arrangements that flawlessly accompany the words of the lyrics.

A rhythmic cadence that goes to the rhythm of the heart and makes your soul vibrate. This song moved me a lot, perhaps the most beautiful in his catalog at the moment.

An artist who never ceases to amaze and whom I recommend everyone to follow because he still has many songs inside of him.

Let It Heal You is Feralman’s Single Out Now!

Pure Magic!


“Let It Heal You” is about realising your inner strength, beauty and power and breaking free of the metaphorical chains that bind you. It was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel (Bowie, Bruno Mars, Massive Attack)

Find Feralman Here:


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