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Let the Arrow Fly is Chris Thomas & The Merrymakers’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s a certain charm to stripping things back to basics. That’s the magic Chris Thomas & The Merrymakers weave on their album, “Let the Arrow Fly.”

Let the Arrow Fly is Chris Thomas & The Merrymakers’ Album Out Now

The sound is pure Americana, drawing breath from the Appalachian Mountains and swirling it with the vastness of the American landscape.

It’s a minimalist approach that shows how strong the songwriting is. These melodies don’t need layers of production to shine.

The influences are clear – shades of Dylan and Young flicker throughout – but Thomas manages to forge his own path.

It’s folk music with a shot of alternative rock, a refreshing blend.

The guitar work is particularly impressive. It’s raw and honest as if Thomas is strumming right here in the room.

The subtle double-tracking on his vocals adds a touch of 90s atmosphere, bringing to mind the likes of Blind Melon on certain tracks like “Rainy Day Return.”

The lyrics themselves are introspective and free-flowing, driven by a sense of pure instinct.

A standout track is “Wander, Wander, Struck.” The guitar riff is pure gold, and the melody leans into a psychedelic, nostalgic vibe that’s undeniably catchy.

Every song on this album feels solid, and demonstrates Thomas’ talent and the Merrymakers’ tight musicianship.

“Let the Arrow Fly” is a hidden gem, a record that rewards repeated listens. It’s a great discovery for anyone who craves roots rock with a modern twist.

Let the Arrow Fly is Chris Thomas & The Merrymakers’ Album Out Now!


Chris Thomas writes and records all the sounds you hear! And The Merrymakers are the fans!

I believe this album kinda spurred off itself I did demos them recorded over a lot of it again with double takes and changed and added lyrics here and there and definitely tried to develop a original sound to the vocals.

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