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Life and Alive is Painted Scars’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the moment I pressed play on Painted Scars’ debut single “Life and Alive,” I was knocked out by the sheer force of their sound.

Life and Alive is Painted Scars’ Single Out Now

This band is not messing around. Their heavy hard rock style is delivered with an intensity that is sure to get heads banging and fists pumping.

The song opens with a thunderous riff that sets the stage for the singer’s powerful vocals.

Her voice is deep, energetic, and full of attitude, and it perfectly complements the band’s hard-hitting sound. The bass and drums are equally impressive, providing a tight and driving rhythm that keeps the song moving forward.

It’s clear that Painted Scars are a band that has spent a lot of time honing their craft. Their musicianship is tight, their songwriting is strong, and their stage presence is sure to be captivating.

I have no doubt that they will make a big splash in the rock world.

“Life and Alive” is a fantastic introduction to a band with a lot of potential. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re a fan of hard rock with a bit of attitude

Life and Alive is Painted Scars’ Single Out Now!


Life and Alive is Painted Scars’ Single Out Now

Painted Scars is a brand new melodic hard rock/heavy metal band formed by 4 crazy guys and 1 crazy gal!

After forming in April 2023, we decided to go hard and organize our own festival “SCARFEST” during late summer, where we played our very first gig. Together we merge into the very definition of partying till you drop!

We bring catchy choruses that will be engraved into the very center of your brain, killer riffs that make your hair and head spin out of control! –Painted Scars

Find more about the band here: https://painted-scars.be/

Find Painted Scars Here:


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