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Life Goes On is Anthony Casuccio’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Anthony Casuccio’s single “Life Goes On” hits the ground running, immediately showcasing the skills of a seasoned musician and songwriter.

Life Goes On is Anthony Casuccio’s Single Out Now

Casuccio knows his craft, blending classic rock influences with contemporary flair.

This track is a nod to the iconic sound of the 70s while still feeling fresh and relevant for today’s listeners.

The drum cadence in “Life Goes On” is particularly noteworthy, providing a robust backbone that allows the melody to flourish.

It’s a rhythm that feels familiar and innovative, grounding the song in solid rock tradition while pushing it forward.

The passionate vocal performance is another standout element; Casuccio sings with such conviction that you can’t help but believe every word he delivers.

One of the highlights of “Life Goes On” is the bridge around the 2:50 mark. This section serves as a perfect launchpad for an outstanding solo that truly soars.

The guitar work here is masterful, lifting the track to new heights.

This solo, combined with the song’s overall structure, cements “Life Goes On” as a great rock ballad that deserves a spot on everyone’s playlist.

Life Goes On is Anthony Casuccio’s Single Out Now!


A 30 year music veteran; Anthony’s audio production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, reached gold record status, and placed in various TV shows and commercials. His production work has resulted in numerous songs landing on the top of Billboard’s Dance charts. He has remastered various albums for icons such as Johnny Cash, Tony Bennet and Roy Orbison.

As band leader and songwriter, producer, and engineer, he led his band A&L to success topping various charts across the world. Anthony had nine top 20 songs with the band and 3 solo songs on various U.K. Indie music charts. They received radio play in over 70 countries throughout Europe and the USA.

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