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Life of the Party is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
If Forrest Gump were to review Jane N’ The Jungle’s latest EP, “Life of the Party,” he might say, “This EP is like a box of chocolates, but in this case, each one you take is gonna taste good.”

Life of the Party is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep Out Now

As a devoted fan of the band, there’s no denying the coolness of their sound and the epic quality of Jordan White’s voice.

The EP unfolds like a mesmerizing experience, with each track deeply connected to the next. What stands out immediately is the fusion of nostalgic melodies and the raw power of distorted guitars.

One of the EP’s strengths lies in its perfectly crafted dynamics. The combination of well-structured instrumentation and White’s vocals creates a harmonious balance that captures the essence of their unique sound.

“Life of the Party” doesn’t just offer a musical experience; it invites listeners into a world where introspection meets intensity.

Placing the more introspective piece, “Wasteland,” in the middle of the EP is a masterstroke. It’s like finding yourself in the eye of the storm, providing a moment of reflection amidst the energetic musical universe.

I really enjoyed the video for the album’s title track; it has a cool vibe. Seeing the band with a road trip background added an interesting dimension. The video’s concept reminded me of Alice in Chains’ “Check My Brain”.

Jane N’ The Jungle is gaining well-deserved recognition, evident in the impressive numbers on Spotify. This EP shows their talent, drawing attention not only for its catchy tunes but also for the emotional depth of their songs.

As a fan, the EP is more than just a fleeting encounter with music; it’s a sonic adventure that promises to be revisited many times.

Life of the Party is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep Out Now!


Life of the Party is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep Out Now

The highly anticipated record was produced by Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI that is following their “Ocean Creatures” EP released in March, 2022.
DIRTY DOG was the first single released off the record in June, 2022, about a sexual assault which set the tone for their dark, emotionally charged rock record “LIFE OF THE PARTY” releasing on February 23, 2024. The raw anthemic record confidently cuts with Jordan White’s vocals and Brian Dellis’s powerful guitars that pack a real punch in the modern rock genre setting Jane N’ The Jungle a part from their peers with their atmospheric sound that feels distinctively their own. The record enchantingly captures the angst, frustration, and toxicity each single bares with a raw sense of attitude and bite.

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