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Lightning is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Near Death Experience give us the strength to never give up on a stormy life that strikes us with lightning from time to time.

Lightning is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now

The message of this song inspired me.

The lyrics are supported by a melody that manages to raise your adrenaline. Somehow while listening to Lightning you feel invincible. You feel ready to face the problems that life will throw at you.

The guitars are fantastic, especially in the chorus with that dissonant tremolo effect that makes you feel the instability of life. The solo is also beautiful, psychedelic, and melodic.

Near Death Experience have truly fantastic compositional skills. The “hoo haas” choirs made me feel like a pirate before attacking a galleon.

Once again Near Death Experience gave me a good moment of music. Their musical experience always hits the spot.

Lightning is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now!


Lightning is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now

This emotive anthem to never giving up passionately implores you to squeeze the most from every second. To devour every challenge, then triumphantly spit it out. To never stop, because “why walk when you can run”. Life strikes you with lightning bolts at every turn, so you better be ready to roll with the punches and carry on regardless.

The genius of ‘Lightning’ is that it delivers these straight talking home truths with irresistible positivity. Its sumptuous Sixties indie jangle and chiming, almost world-music guitar motifs will inspire you to hit life – and whatever it throws at you – straight between the eyes with all you’ve got. As the lyrics remind us, “there is nowhere to hide”.

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