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Like a Loaded Gun is Red Mountain Revolt’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Red Mountain Revolt’s album, “Like a Loaded Gun,” explodes with the fiery spirit of 90s and early 2000s rock, its echoes of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains echoing through a haze of modern distortion.

Like a Loaded Gun is Red Mountain Revolt’s Album Out Now

But this is no mere nostalgia trip. These two rebels forge their own path, infusing their influences with a raw, unfiltered passion that burns with the immediacy of a live gig.

Gone are the polished studio gloss and programmed grooves. Red Mountain Revolt embraces the organic, letting the growl of distorted guitars, the thunderous throb of the bass, and the visceral pulse of the drums take center stage.

There’s an honesty in this rawness, a vulnerability that lays bare the emotions behind each powerful riff and soaring melodic solo.

“Love Songs,” for instance, rips through heartache with a searing guitar lament, while “Dysfunctional” builds a slow-burning ballad on introspective bass lines and yearning vocals.

But “Like a Loaded Gun” isn’t just about brooding introspection. This album thrives on a dynamic contrast, seamlessly shifting from introspective ballads to headbanging anthems.

Tracks like “I’ve Tried” and “Shades of You” unleash pent-up rage with grunge-infused fury. The scorching vocals ride a wave of distorted guitars and driving rhythms.

This versatility is perhaps the album’s strongest suit. Red Mountain Revolt doesn’t confine themselves to any one genre but rather uses the past as a springboard to launch themselves into uncharted sonic territories.

The result is a collection of songs that feel refreshingly original, each brimming with the band’s raw talent and unbridled passion.

There’s a magic in that rawness, a sense of immediacy that connects directly to the listener’s soul. You can practically feel the sweat dripping from the strings, the grit under their fingernails, the fire in their eyes.

“Like a Loaded Gun” is an experience, a sonic rebellion that leaves you breathless and begging for more.

Like a Loaded Gun is Red Mountain Revolt’s Album Out Now!


Hailing from north central New Jersey, Red Mountain Revolt started out as just a concept band between Christian Nevi and Kyle Merritts. With the two growing up together in the same town and sharing a very similar taste in music, it was only natural for them to want to start collaborating together on music projects. However, contact between the two would dwindle towards their high school years since they would attend two completely different high schools. With Kyle attending the more arts driven high school and Christian attending the trades centered one.

Towards the later half of high school and after, Christian and Kyle would restore contact once again and discuss the ideas of starting a band that leaned more towards the hard rock, grunge, and alternative style of sound. This “sound” mostly consisting of Alice In Chains, Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Rival Sons, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd etc influences. Without a full band to play but the passion to write the music, Christian would take up the drums and guitar for the recording while Kyle would take up the bass and keyboard as well as producing the songs. Hence forming Red Mountain Revolt.

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