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Lioness is Name Sayers’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prepare to be immersed in a world of musical exploration as Name Sayers, a band with a penchant for experimentation, unveils their enthralling single “Lioness.”

Lioness is Name Sayers’s Single Out Now

With a unique and original sound, this band fearlessly ventures into uncharted territories, leaving listeners spellbound by their creative prowess.

“Lioness” is an intense, mysterious, and twilight-infused journey that lures you into its intriguing depths with its charmingly sinister and hypnotic vibes.

From the moment the first notes of “Lioness” envelop your senses, you know you’re in for something extraordinary.

Name Sayers’ willingness to step away from conventional boundaries is evident as they craft a sonic landscape that feels fresh and captivating.

The band’s bold choices in instrumentation and arrangement create an otherworldly aura that sets them apart from the ordinary.

The song’s enigmatic ambiance casts a beguiling spell, drawing the listener into a realm of intrigue and mystery.

The haunting melodies and hauntingly beautiful vocal delivery leave an indelible mark, invoking a sense of curiosity and wonder.

As the song unfolds, it becomes evident that Name Sayers possesses an exceptional ability to craft infectious grooves. “Lioness” is no exception, as its irresistible rhythm pulsates through your veins, compelling you to move along with its hypnotic beat.

This groove serves as the driving force behind the song, ensuring that it stays with you, leaving you wanting to experience it over and over again.

The band’s ability to convey emotions and imagery through their videos and verses adds an extra layer of depth to the already captivating experience.

Lioness is Name Sayers’s Single Out Now!


Lioness is Name Sayers’s Single Out Now

Name Sayers’ personnel includes Devin James Fry on vocals and various instruments, Grant Himmler on bass, Garrett Hellman on guitar, and Marc Henry on drums. Where Fry’s sprawling previous musical outfit Salesman offered snapshots of a gently psychedelic Americana that seemed to blur at the edges, Name Sayers snaps exuberantly into focus, wrapping tight, darkly offbeat pop arrangements around unlikely hooks.

We made some brutal pop songs,” says Fry, “and celebrated everyone’s creative input along the way. Joyboys dips in and out of sonic worlds while still being very much a Name Sayers joint.

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