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Live & Learn is SoundGood’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SoundGood, spearheaded by the talented Leo Alcenius, has recently released a single that transcends borders and captures the essence of American music in an unexpected location—Finland.

Live & Learn is SoundGood’s Single Out Now

In “Live & Learn,” Alcenius, a seasoned producer and songwriter, showcases his talent in composition and delivers a track that blends country vibes with an authentic touch.

The standout feature of “Live & Learn” is the singer’s intense and sincere vocals. Her delivery is convincing, making it easy for listeners to connect with the emotions conveyed through the lyrics.

The production quality of the single is masterful and holds its own against mainstream artists from the heartland of country music, Nashville.

The attention to detail and the overall sound engineering contribute to a polished and professional sonic experience. The fact that this level of production is coming from Finland showcases the global reach and talent that SoundGood possesses.

The melody of “Live & Learn” is not only catchy but also carries a nostalgic undertone. There’s a magnetic pull in the music that evokes a desire to hit the open road, wind through your hair, and lose yourself in contemplation.

It’s impressive how SoundGood manages to capture the essence of American culture and landscapes through their music, proving that talent knows no geographical boundaries.

Leo Alcenius and his team have successfully embraced the soul of American music, making SoundGood a noteworthy project that deserves attention.

Keep an eye on this Finnish gem as it continues to weave its musical magic across borders.

Live & Learn is SoundGood’s Single Out Now!


Live & Learn is SoundGood’s Single Out Now

Leo Alcenius is a songwriter/producer from Finland.

He writes and produces songs in various different genres and releases them under the name SoundGood. He had the privilege to collaborate with many amazing artists on these songs. You can find more samples of his work at www.soundgood.fi.

Find SoundGood Here:


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