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Lone Wolf is Jodi Heights’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jodi Heights proves once again why she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music world with her latest single, “Lone Wolf.”

Lone Wolf is Jodi Heights’ Single Out Now

The song is a masterclass in curated sounds and emotional resonance.

Heights’ voice takes center stage, caressing the listener’s soul with its gentle yet powerful delivery. The introduction of the lone wolf’s howl is fantastic, perfectly capturing the essence of isolation and the desperate cry for connection.

It’s a reminder of the importance of empathy and listening for the pain of those around us.

The melody itself is a chillingly beautiful beacon of hope. It speaks about the lost souls trapped in the fog, offering a path to freedom and connection.

This song could easily be the soundtrack of a Disney movie, its soaring quality and emotional depth leave listeners breathless.

The strings and piano are practically alive, their rich textures show the meticulous production. You can feel the wood and the strings vibrating on your skin.

Jodi’s voice, soaring above it all, is the icing on this beautifully crafted cake.

“Lone Wolf” is an experience. It leaves you feeling like you’ve just wandered through a museum, each element evokes a powerful emotional response.

Lone Wolf is Jodi Heights’ Single Out Now!


Lone Wolf is Jodi Heights’ Single Out Now

Jodi Heights, a singer-songwriter from Boston who is for fans of Angel Olsen, Sara Bareilles, and Lucy Dacus.

Lone Wolf explores the tension between self-isolation and connection. Featuring the vocals and piano performance by Heights who has her master’s degree in vocal performance from the New England Conservatory, the song is supported by a string quartet arranged by Cairo Marques-Neto. “Lone Wolf” begins spatially but builds steadily, layer upon layer, enveloping the listener by the end of the piece. In addition to her new single being released to all major streaming platforms in the traditional method of production, “Lone Wolf” will be released in Dolby Atmos, a spatial audio technology for immersive sound.


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