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Losing Control is Whitney King’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Whitney King has made a striking entrance with their latest single, “Losing Control.” The energy of this track is immediate and intense, capturing listeners from the first chord.

Losing Control is Whitney King’s Single Out Now

This is guitar-driven rock at its purest, with no frills or unnecessary embellishments. The raw, raspy vocals inject the perfect amount of grit and fervour into the song, enhancing the overall vibe.

The guitars roar with ferocity while the bass and drums lock in with an impressive synergy.

The band has put in countless hours in the rehearsal room, honing their craft to create such a powerful performance. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it translates into an enviable musical cohesion.

One of the standout moments in “Losing Control” is the guitar solo. It channels the spirit of Slash with its sharp, expressive tone, delivering a powerful punch that elevates the song.

The band’s refusal to play it safe results in a track that feels raw and authentic, offering a wild rock experience that’s hard to find in today’s music landscape.

The guillotine ending of “Losing Control” is a masterstroke, leaving listeners with a sense of abrupt finality that makes you want to hit replay immediately.

Whitney King is clearly not here to play games; they’re here to make a statement with their genuine and unrestrained rock sound.

Losing Control is Whitney King’s Single Out Now!


Whitney King is a five piece rock band from Glasgow with roots in Blues and Hard Rock.

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