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Lost & Alone Again is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
The soul of Derek Lee Goodreid returns to us in the form of a beautiful melody

Lost & Alone Again is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

This song sounds like a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s grandmother and to our loneliness in this crude world. The story behind its creation adds an additional layer of emotion and depth to the lyrics.

It’s touching to hear about the impact that his grandmother had on his life, particularly through her introduction to iconic musicians like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

The fact that she read him bedtime bible stories as a child is also a poignant detail that adds to the personal nature of the song.

Derek Lee Goodreid moved me a lot with this tune. His candid performance takes your breath away. A simple song, with voice and guitar, but it’s the meaning it contains that makes it a masterpiece.

I personally felt Nick Cave’s vibes in this tune more than other artists. The river represents the indifferent flow of life. The water does not look at our torments and always goes towards the sea.

The theme of using music as a means of healing is a universal one that many people can relate to, particularly during times of grief and loss.

The idea that the stories his grandmother read to him still inspire him during times of sadness is a powerful one, and it shows how music can serve as a source of comfort and solace in difficult times.

Lost & Alone Again is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single Out Now!


Lost & Alone Again is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

Let the moody ballad inspired by music legends Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Hank Williams take you on a journey. This soul-cleansing song is not just music, it’s a story – a thoughtful and reflective one. The artist takes inspiration from the water, a cleansing force from his hometown in Perth, where the river meets the sea. He reflects on his journey leaving the church that he grew up in, and the isolation he felt. The artist poured his heart into this track from his forthcoming album Struck By Lightning Again (17th September 2023), and you can feel the emotion radiating from every note.

This song was written after his grandmother passed away, and the loneliness of being unable to attend the funeral struck him deeply. His grandma, who introduced him to the musical geniuses of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, was a big influence on his life – she read bedtime bible stories to him as a child. Today, those same stories still spark inspiration for him during times of sadness. This song is not just a tribute to his grandma, it’s a testament to the power of music in healing a broken soul.

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