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Loveboat is Mums Favourite’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mums Favourite’s single “Loveboat” is an intriguing musical experience that showcases the band’s unique and distinctive style.

Loveboat is Mums Favourite’s Single Out Now

The singer’s voice, at times reminiscent of Florence Welch, adds an ethereal quality to the song, creating a sense of enchantment and fascination.

The track is rich in nuances, with a musical vision that stands out from the crowd.

Mums Favourite demonstrates a knack for crafting chord progressions and arrangements that break away from the ordinary, offering listeners a refreshing and distinctive sonic journey.

One of the remarkable aspects of “Loveboat” is the fusion of elements from the 70s with modern vibes, resulting in a sound that feels both nostalgic and contemporary.

The band’s ability to blend these different eras in music adds depth and complexity to their sound, making it all the more interesting.

The music video accompanying the song complements the track perfectly, exuding a charming retro vibe with its pastel-washed aesthetic.

This visual choice enhances the overall experience, adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the psychedelic alternative rock atmosphere created by the band.

This band’s distinctive sound and artistic vision make them one to watch in the contemporary music scene.

Loveboat is Mums Favourite’s Single Out Now!


Adelaide based, Mums Favourite is a 5-piece group with serious musical chops and a love for the bluesy indie-rock. Their sound is deeply cultured and bluesy, but the band plays it off with a tease of retro vibes and youthful attraction that keeps their fans coming back for more.

With frontwoman and lyricist Sasha Theunissen at the helm, the honey dripping vocals, heart thumping bass, and blues/indie/rock originals with relatable lyrics and rhythms that swirl and change, see them growing a solid following of all ages.

Playing together since 2017, the band continues to gain momentum in the local scene around Adelaide. They’ve sold out shows, carved their way into the music industry with well written songs and relatable lyrics, and started gaining some serious traction in terms of getting their music out there. The band speaks of uniqueness and originality through their infectious melodies and deep connection with the crowd. Supported by fans of all ages and genders, Mums Favourite performs a seriously fun, energetic show anyone can enjoy!

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