Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Lucky Charm is darkmaterial's Single Out Now
Lucky Charm is darkmaterial’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
darkmaterial’s latest single, “Lucky Charm,” is a captivating musical journey that successfully bridges the gap between the raw, epic vibes of 80s rock and modernity.

Lucky Charm is darkmaterial’s Single Out Now

This energetic tune showcases the band’s dedication to their craft, evident in the dark, distorted guitars and passionate vocal performance that permeate throughout the track.

The song kicks off with an arresting intensity, immediately drawing the listener into its world. The influence of 80s rock is unmistakable, yet darkmaterial manages to infuse their own contemporary flair into the mix.

The result is a sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh, catering to fans of classic rock while offering something new to discover.

One standout feature of “Lucky Charm” is the dark and gritty sound of the distorted guitars. They create an atmosphere that’s simultaneously brooding and electrifying, setting the stage for the passionate vocal delivery.

The lead singer’s performance is solid, conveying a depth of emotion that adds an extra layer of intensity to the song.

What truly sets “Lucky Charm” apart is its intricate composition. darkmaterial has clearly spent a significant amount of time honing their musical skills, and it shows in the song’s rhythmic and melodic twists.

These unexpected musical turns keep the listener engaged and eagerly anticipating what comes next, making it impossible to tear yourself away from the speakers.

Lucky Charm is darkmaterial’s Single Out Now!


Lucky Charm is darkmaterial’s Single Out Now

darkmaterial are: Ian Larsson – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Joe Murrell – Lead Guitar Oscar North-Concar – Bass Sam Sutton – Drums Special thanks go to: Freddie Larkins and Joe Blake performing drums and lead guitar respectively on this track.

The band is influenced by heavy metal giants like Black Sabbath, Dio, and Iron Maiden but is creating a new sound by merging this type of sound with alt rock influences, like BMTH and Muse, as well as a post rock atmospheric sound. The result is this unique style of rock music

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