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Lullaby is Pena Hughes -John & Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Pena Hughes-John in the past but the path of this talented artist is a continuous evolution and even her stage name has changed to Lethia’s Natorium.

I am fascinated by artists who follow their musical instinct without fear. Pena Hughes-John was the chrysalis and now Lethia’s Natorium has become the butterfly and her music is ready to fly.

The unique style proposed by this artist is fascinating as her compositional style is innovative but above all, it is free and does not follow obvious commercial rules.

Lethia’s Natorium likes to experiment and take risks, always trying to test herself in order to finally fully realize her artistic vision.

Lullaby is a magical song that has the ability to hypnotize the listener, bringing him into a parallel universe.
Fantastic as usual!

Lullaby is Pena Hughes-John & Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now!

Unique and Hypnotic!


‘Lullaby’, the first release from my ‘Lethia’s Natorium’ project is also the first track that opens ‘Lethia’s Natorium’s debut album. The song is new but then again it isn’t!

The bare elements that form the song ‘Lullaby’ actually consist of three ‘tracks’ from Pena Hughes-John’s ‘Ghosts of my Past’ album. The ‘Ghosts of my Past’ poem features very briefly in the prelude of the ‘Ghosts of my Past’ album and originally consisted of just one verse, voiced by Adrian Ward. The music itself was taken from the song ‘Fade Away’ and played backwards, ‘Fade Away’ also became (what is known as) the ‘Segue’ track (the snippets of which can be heard in-between each song on the album).

Having liked the sound of the Segue track and keen to feature it in some way, it was originally ‘pencilled in’ as the prelude to ‘Ghosts of my Past’ Volume 2 but as ‘Lethia’s Natorium’ was on the fringes of being worked on, decided to keep this track back as the link between Pena Hughes-John’s ‘Ghosts of my Past’ album and ‘Lethia’s Natorium’s debut album. If Ghosts of my Past forms the cover, Lethia’s Natorium will become the inner pages – with ‘Lullaby’ being the gel that links both ‘Ghosts of my Past’ and Lethia’s Natorium’s debut album (‘Ghosts of my Past ‘Volume 2’ will be recorded in the near future) and although Lethia’s Natorium is linked to ‘Ghosts of my Past’, it is not a temporary music venture and further albums from Lethia’s Natorium will follow in the future so watch this space.

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