Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder is SamSeb Kierkegaard's Single Out Now
Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder is SamSeb Kierkegaard’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The sound of this new song by SamSeb Kierkegaard is very powerful and epic.

The thing I liked the most is the high range of the voice of this talented artist that is able to reach heavenly heights.

His passion is contagious and you feel that he has put all of his soul into the composition of this song which, as usual, is produced in an impeccable way.

The harmonic structure is very refined and SamSeb Kierkegaard’s style always manages to be unmistakable.
This artist was able to mix different genres and make them coexist in perfect balance.

I found no flaws in this song, an artist with clear ideas on how to bring his music and his artistic vision to the masses.

Absolutely reconfirmed.

Luna: Dependent Personality Disorder is SamSeb Kierkegaard’s Single Out Now!

Refined and Mature!


“The third chapter to my EP project. Written from the perspective of the boy in denial of things happening around him, in pursuit of his illusory dreams and happiness that doesn’t exist in reality. Fictional story-based and character-based to represent the interpretation of us avoiding a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Sad and relatable lyrics with fierce guitar sounds and many experimental elements like reverse vocals in the intro.”

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