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Lyon is Gormless’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Gormless’s album “Lyon” offers a musical experience like no other, and it’s a journey that’s both genial and groundbreaking.

Lyon is Gormless’ Album Out Now

This album serves up a “puree” of everyday sounds, expertly blended with keys and harmonious elements, creating a landscape that’s as intriguing as it is innovative.

It’s astounding how “Lyon” makes you reconsider the cacophony of noises that surround us daily and transforms them into a captivating musical tapestry.

Gormless stands as an artist who seeks to break new ground, charting unexplored musical paths. His music is hypnotizing, effortlessly engaging the mind and triggering neurons that stir up cathartic visions.

Even if you are at home, you’ll feel transported to the heart of a bustling city, with scenarios reminiscent of dystopian landscapes like those in ‘Blade Runner.’

The album conjures a twilight industrial atmosphere that manages to inspire you in unexpected ways. It’s a testament to Gormless’s ability to capture the essence of our urban surroundings and craft a sonic experience that resonates deeply.

In “Lyon,” Gormless has created more than just an album; he has crafted a sonic journey that defies convention and opens doors to uncharted territories. It stands as an inspiration for those who seek a unique and thought-provoking musical experience.

Lyon is Gormless’ Album Out Now!


Lyon is Gormless’ Album Out Now

Gormless is an electronic artist with a fascination with natural sounds, city soundscapes, and a love of harmony.

The Lyon album is made up of two tracks, based on sound recordings taken from the streets, markets, squares and parks. Markets picks up on the vibrancy of commerce, people’s interactions and the natural city sounds, Revellers is a darker track set at night

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