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Ma Brésilienne is Jagas’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jagas with their intriguing sound, delivers a contagious musical experience that resonates with the soul.

Ma Brésilienne is Jagas’ Single Out Now

The accordion’s opening notes infuse the song with a European vibe from the start, setting the stage for a passionate and refined musical journey.

The infectious nature of the music becomes apparent as the chorus unfolds, inviting listeners to join in with an intensity that is impossible to resist.

The choir arrangements add a fantastic layer to the composition, creating an atmosphere with subtle echoes of Noir Desir, revealing a band that pays homage to many influences while crafting a unique sonic identity.

Talented musicians define Jagas, with an exceptional guitar solo and the singer’s theatrical interpretation that adds depth and emotion, reaching the soul of the listeners with each note.

Every band member contributes significantly, supporting the song’s structure and enhancing its overall impact.

In a music landscape often saturated with superficiality, Jagas stands out as a light of quality and artistry. Trez Bien!

Ma Brésilienne is Jagas’ Single Out Now!



The French band Jagas sings to life and celebrates the living! Jagas follows the tradition of committed French-language rock/chanson with his energetic and powerful songs, far from cynicism and the prevailing resignation.

Furiously humanistic and gleefully militant, Jagas allows the passion of Mano Solo, the poetry of Jacques Brel and the generosity of Ogres de Barback to collide.

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