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Made A Mark is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the realm of heartfelt and deeply moving music, Ben Konarov’s “Made A Mark” stands as a poignant ballad that leaves an indelible impression on the soul of the listener.

Made A Mark is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

This emotionally charged song is a testament to Konarov’s profound love for his departed parents, and it captures the essence of loss, love, and remembrance in a way that tugs at the heartstrings and resonates with the deepest parts of our being.

From the very first notes, “Made A Mark” envelopes the listener in a tender and melancholic atmosphere.

The lyrics of “Made A Mark” are the soul of the song, digging deep into the raw emotions of grief and love. Konarov’s songwriting talent shines brightly as he weaves a poignant narrative that strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced loss.

The verses are poetic and introspective, painting vivid images of cherished memories and the lasting impact his parents had on his life. It’s a testament to the enduring love that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

The intensity of the ballad builds with each verse, and as the song progresses, so does the emotional connection with the audience.

The chorus serves as a cathartic release, with Konarov pouring his heart out and inviting the listener to share in his journey of healing and remembrance.

The emotional authenticity in his delivery leaves no doubt that this is a personal and cathartic expression for the artist.

The musical arrangement complements the lyrical content perfectly, allowing the vocals to take center stage while providing a melodic backdrop that further enhances the song’s emotional impact.

Made A Mark is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now!


Made A Mark is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

“Made A Mark” is a sad, folk, rock ballad with a George Harrison vibe. It is incredibly sad and moving as it transitions from verse to chorus acknowledging the importance of the songwriter’s parents. Ben Konarov wrote the lyrics, Gary Cubberley was the composer/producer and Lukky was the vocalist.

Ben Konarov has been writing lyrics since 2002; however, only pursued further upon finding the lyric to song service at Songbay (https://songbay.co/) at the start of 2022. Ben met Gary Cubberley through the Songbay’s website and this song is their third collaboration.

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