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Magical Times is Brian Berggoetz’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Brian Berggoetz Band’s EP “Magical Times” offers truly a magical journey reminiscent of the pioneers’ experiences in early America.

Magical Times is Brian Berggoetz’s Ep Out Now

Through the enchanting melodies and evocative lyrics, listeners are transported to a time when resilience and hope were essential companions on the frontier.

The band’s ability to infuse traditional elements with modern production techniques is fantastic. Each track feels like a window into a bygone era, where stories were shared around campfires and music provided solace in the face of adversity.

One of the strong features of the EP is Brian Berggoetz and his band’s knack for conveying deep emotions through their music.

From the haunting sound of the violin to the ethereal quality of the female vocals blending with Brian’s voice, every element contributes to a rich sound that captures the imagination.

“Folson Prison Blues” offers a fresh interpretation of Johnny Cash’s classic, breathing new life into the song with its unique arrangement. Meanwhile, “MLK” stands out as a mesmerizing and introspective track, showcasing the band’s diverse compositional style.

Overall, “Magical Times” is a sincere and engaging album that holds the listener’s attention from start to finish. Its blend of nostalgia-inducing melodies and heartfelt lyrics, shows Brian Berggoetz Band’s talent and creativity.

Magical Times is Brian Berggoetz’s Ep Out Now!


Magical Times is Brian Berggoetz’s Ep Out Now

We are a band full of world class players. From the cello playing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to the female vocalist playing with the Boston Pops.

B3 (Brian Berggoetz Band) is a band based in Tucson, Arizona. The group is led by singer and songwriter Brian Berggoetz. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and influences, such as pop and rock alike. Brian has been passionate about music throughout most of his life. He is a self-taught guitarist and a gifted songwriter who has been active since his early 20s. What makes his music unique is the fact that he doesn’t just write his own music, but he also has a penchant for re-writing classic songs in his personal style.

While many cover song artists tend to reproduce the covers they interpret verbatim, B3 is very gifted when it comes to bringing a touch of personality and authenticity to the material that he performs. The artist is active as a performer, and he had the chance to play live extensively, including opening and sharing the stage for internationally respected acts, the likes of Reverend Horton Heat, Charlie Sexton, and Jerry Giddens, only to mention a few.

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