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Mama’s Going to Rehab is Reagan Hudson’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Reagan Hudson takes us on a journey straight out of the American heartland with his new single, “Mama’s Going to Rehab.”

Mama’s Going to Rehab is Reagan Hudson’s Single Out Now

The song brims with the raw passion, tongue-in-cheek humor, and evocative atmosphere that defines classic Americana music, its roots firmly planted in the Appalachian tradition.

Hudson’s lyrics are a delightful blend of wit and sincerity. They tell a story with a playful wink, perfectly capturing the essence of the genre. The musical arrangements are spot-on, echoing the instrumentation and style of classic Americana.

The vocal delivery is a key ingredient here. Hudson sings with a directness and honesty that would resonate with anyone who’s ever gathered around a campfire, sharing stories and finding solace in music after a long day’s work.

This isn’t just another catchy tune; it’s a testament to Reagan Hudson’s talent as a songwriter.

He possesses a genuine appreciation for Americana’s rich history, and his ability to craft original songs that feel timeless and fresh is fantastic.

So, if you’re looking for a taste of Americana authenticity, look no further than “Mama’s Going to Rehab.” It’s a song that will have you tapping your toes, and nodding your head.

Mama’s Going to Rehab is Reagan Hudson’s Single Out Now!


Mama’s Going to Rehab is Reagan Hudson’s Single Out Now

Reagan Hudson grew up in the wild hills of western NC. Where the roots of traditional music go back as far as the first settlers that entered the hills.
As those sounds evolved over time from traditional folk music, to country music, honky tonk and rockabilly. Reagan was influenced by all of these.
combined with his unique song writing ability that combines elements of heartache and humor, Reagans music is sure to give you a unique listening experience.

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