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Martyr is Half Inch Hero’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Half Inch Hero isn’t your average post-hardcore band. They’re a band with a mission: to use their music as a weapon for environmental awareness.

Martyr is Half Inch Hero’s Single Out Now

Their latest single, “Martyr,” is a potent shot of adrenaline that serves as both a wake-up call and an inspirational anthem.

The song’s strength lies not just in its passionate message, but in its expertly crafted musical delivery. It’s clear Half Inch Hero has honed their sound to a razor’s edge.

The rhythm section, anchored by the lockstep precision of the drums and bass, lays a foundation of solid intensity.

Soaring, yet technical, guitar work adds complexity, refusing to be confined to mere aggression. The vocalist perfectly embodies the genre’s emotional rage, with powerful screams punctuated by moments of vulnerability.

These dynamic shifts, combined with the ebb and flow of the rhythm section, create a solid musical universe that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Half Inch Hero isn’t content with simply lamenting the state of the planet. “Martyr” serves as a call to action, urging listeners to break free from apathy and join the fight for environmental preservation.

They’re a band to keep an eye on – with their clear vision, undeniable talent, and dedication to a worthy cause, Half Inch Hero is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, and perhaps even the world.

Martyr is Half Inch Hero’s Single Out Now!


Half Inch Hero, a South Florida-based post-hardcore band with a slogan of “emo for the planet,” tackles environmental and scientific issues through their music. Their discography delves into themes like climate change (“Moonblood Dance”), animal ethics, technology, space exploration (“The Martian”), and extinction (“Thylacine”), all wrapped in the emotional intensity of emo. They also explore themes more typical of the genre (“Dragonfly”). Listeners have compared their recent work to bands like From First To Last and Underoath.

The five-piece band consists of Tasman Rosenfeld (lead vocals and primary songwriter), Alex Abbasi (drums, known for his work with Bloodbather and The Requiem), Jackson McKenna (rhythm guitar), Christian Ballon (lead guitar), and Brennan Hegedus (bass). Rosenfeld, a graduate student at Harvard studying evolutionary biology and science education, channels his work as a conservationist and scientist into the band’s ideology.

In spring and summer of 2023, Half Inch Hero recorded their self-titled debut LP with Lee Dyess. Kyle Black mixed and mastered the songs, and the record is set for release in May 2024. The first single and music video, “Moonblood Dance,” dropped on February 16th. Their second single and music video, “Martyr,” was released on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2024.

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