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Maslow’s Mountain is Sam Feinstein’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sam Feinstein’s single “Maslow’s Mountain” is a thrilling blend of innovative musical elements that stimulate the senses.

Maslow’s Mountain is Sam Feinstein’s Single Out Now

Infused with Balkan vibes intertwined with dance and funk music, this track shows Feinstein’s artistry and talent as a bassist.

Feinstein showcases his musical skills in a refreshing light. The funk undertones provide a platform for his bass to explore intricate melodies while syncing with the rhythmic pulse of the drums.

“Maslow’s Mountain” exudes catchiness, irony, and vision. The vocal delivery adds a theatrical dimension to the composition, complementing the music and arrangements to construct a solid wall of sound that entertains the listener.

Its infectious energy makes it an ideal soundtrack for dancing without inhibition, inviting the audience to lose themselves in the rhythm.

“Maslow’s Mountain” with its fusion of diverse influences and infectious energy will echo in my mind for a long time.

Maslow’s Mountain is Sam Feinstein’s Single Out Now!


Maslow’s Mountain is Sam Feinstein’s Single Out Now

Sam is currently the bassist for a few San Jose based bands, including synth-pop trio The Monitors who are playing both Maslow’s Mountain and Hamster Wheel as part of their live sets.

Based out of San Jose California, Sam Feinstein is what a Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, and Tower of Power collaboration might sound like. His gruff voice, chaotic instrumentals, and sardonic lyrics cast him as a wrestling-heel, or a villain listeners will love to hate.

Born and raised in Peabody Massachusetts, Sam got his musical start on piano at age 7, adding bass-guitar, upright bass, guitar, cello, ukulele, percussion, synth, harmonica, and more to the mix. In high school, he started a ska band and a klezmer band. He moved off to Miami for college to study Music Engineering at the Frost School of Music. In college, he formed a bluegrass/folk band and another ska band. He also toured with a Nashville-based blues-rock band and contributed to various other musical projects spanning pop, rnb, hip-hop, rock, folk, and metal genres. He wrote and performed a rock-opera as “Strawman” for his senior recital, which was the prototype for the music he makes today. After college, he moved to San Jose to work on audio for echo devices at Amazon. Since then he’s joined a pop-punk band and indie-pop band, before venturing on his own.

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