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Masochist Daydream is Kid Lazuras’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kid Lazuras’ single “Masochist Daydream” is a captivating journey into ethereal vibes, where the exquisite blend of female and male vocals creates a mesmerizing sonic landscape.


The song effortlessly marries futuristic and vintage atmospheres, existing in a timeless limbo that transcends temporal boundaries.

The arrangements in “Masochist Daydream” showcase a level of refinement that elevates the listening experience.

The music has the power to transport the listener, allowing the imagination to soar. The backing vocals, in particular, contribute to this enchanting quality, forming a charming halo around the entire composition.

The fusion of futuristic and vintage elements show Kid Lazuras’ ability to navigate diverse musical realms. The result is a song that feels both familiar and innovative, striking a delicate balance between nostalgia and forward-thinking creativity.

The lyrics of “Masochist Daydream” add another layer of depth and intrigue to the listening experience. Kid Lazuras demonstrates a consistent talent for crafting meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics, contributing to the overall richness of the song.

In essence, “Masochist Daydream” is a gift to the listeners, offering a wonderful blend of ethereal atmospheres, captivating vocals, and masterful arrangements.

Kid Lazuras continues to showcase an impressive artistic vision, making each release an opportunity for the audience to immerse themselves in a unique and evocative musical journey.

Masochist Daydream is Kid Lazuras’ Single Out Now!

Charming Halo!

Kid Lazuras is a 24 year old Bristol (UK) based artist and “Masochist Daydream” is their first single following the release of their debut album “Utopia”. “Masochist Daydream” beckons in a new wave of releasing from Kid Lazuras, capitalising on the growth and exposure brought to them by the release of their debut album “Utopia” on August 15 2023.

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