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Midlife Crisis Vanity Project is Unca John’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a world drowning in mediocrity and shallow pop drivel, Unca John’s “Midlife Crisis Vanity Project” emerges like a lightning bolt from the abyss, a searing commentary on our ludicrous and paranoid society.

Midlife Crisis Vanity Project is Unca John’s Album Out Now

John Shea, the genius behind Unca John, doesn’t pull any punches here. He spews his unfiltered thoughts, laying bare the insanity of our times with a keen eye and a sharp tongue.

The most striking aspect of this album is, undoubtedly, its razor-sharp lyrics.

Shea doesn’t mince words; he stares the absurdity of our existence right in the face and unabashedly calls it out. The listener is treated to a relentless onslaught of biting wit and scathing commentary.

It’s as if he’s holding up a distorted funhouse mirror to society, reflecting back all our delusions, insecurities, and follies.

“Midlife Crisis Vanity Project” serves as a time capsule, a prophetic glimpse into the twisted reality we find ourselves in today.

Fifty years from now, when some poor soul unearths this album, they’ll undoubtedly be struck by its uncanny accuracy in portraying a world overrun by AI and robots, a population ensnared by absurd beliefs, and politicians embroiled in a never-ending circus of deceit.

Unca John’s brilliance lies not only in his keen observations but also in his ability to craft these insights into compelling songs.

Each track is a masterful blend of vintage vibes and contemporary chaos, creating a sonic landscape that is as captivating as it is disconcerting.

The music wraps around you like a well-tailored suit, its refined aura serving as a stark contrast to the madness it chronicles.

In a time when conformity reigns supreme, Unca John stands as a defiant beacon of nonconformity, a musical provocateur unafraid to take a stand and poke fun at our collective absurdity.

Unca John’s “Midlife Crisis Vanity Project” is a tour de force of cultural critique and musical innovation.

Midlife Crisis Vanity Project is Unca John’s Album Out Now!


Midlife Crisis Vanity Project is Unca John’s Album Out Now

The album has 10 tracks, all original music, 42 minutes overall. My music has a retro sensibility and features classic songwriting touches like catchy lead and rhythm guitar hooks, vocal harmonies and well-crafted melodies. My lyrics are full of deadpan humor and acid-tongued wordplay.

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