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Miles Apart is Fiona Amaka’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fiona Amaka’s latest single, “Miles Apart,” is an intense journey from the very first chord.

Miles Apart is Fiona Amaka’s Single Out Now

From the moment her fingers grace the strings, you’re drawn into a world of mesmerizing composition. But it’s when her voice enters that the magic truly begins.

Amaka’s vocals possess an ethereal quality, capable of sending shivers down your spine and reaching deep into your soul. With each note, she conveys emotion, making the lyrics resonate with a profound authenticity.

There’s a haunting nostalgia in Amaka’s vocal timbre, reminiscent of greats like Tracy Chapman. Yet, within that familiarity lies a unique essence that is undeniably her own.

It’s as though she’s baring her soul with every word, inviting listeners to join her on a journey of introspection and raw emotion.

The instrumentation in “Miles Apart” is minimalistic. Every guitar strum reverberates with passion and energy, as if the very wood of the instrument is alive with the song’s spirit.

Each element is placed to ensure a harmonic flow, allowing Amaka’s voice to take centre stage while still providing a rich backdrop of sound.

This refined folk ballad is a window into the depths of human experience.

Through “Miles Apart,” Fiona Amaka proves herself to be a master storyteller, capable of capturing the complexities of love, longing, and separation in a single, breathtaking composition.

Miles Apart is Fiona Amaka’s Single Out Now!


Miles Apart is Fiona Amaka’s Single Out Now

Fiona Amaka is a London-based singer-songwriter whose musical journey began in the early days of her former band, Bittersweet. Characterized by a unique blend of rock and soul, her signature sound featured bluesy vocals set against driving rock guitar melodies. Transitioning into her solo career, Fiona’s music retains the bittersweet essence of her past endeavors, now infused with touches of folk influence.

One of her latest releases, “Miles Apart,” delves deeper into the folk side of her repertoire, offering a fresh perspective compared to her previous works. This folk edge has resonated with her audience, who frequently recognize and appreciate its presence in her songs.


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