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Modern Day Meltdown is Packetloss’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Packetloss’s new EP “Modern Day Meltdown” shows their remarkable musical synergy, achieved despite the challenge of not being able to meet in person for rehearsals.

Modern Day Meltdown is Packetloss’ Ep Out Now

The band’s tight sound and cohesiveness give the impression of a well-established and solid musical unit.

What sets Packetloss apart is their ability to craft lyrics that resonate with listeners and touch on topics that many can relate to.

In a society filled with chaos and challenges, Packetloss explores the struggles of living in the modern world, providing a musical reflection of the contemporary human experience.

The melodies in the songs featured on “Modern Day Meltdown” carry a nostalgic quality, reminiscent of a time when music was epic and emotionally resonant.

The music on this EP also carries hints of the 90s, evoking a sense of nostalgia that harkens back to a bygone era of music. It’s a blend of the past and the present, creating a sound that feels both familiar and fresh.

“Modern Day Meltdown” is a collection of solid and compelling songs that showcase the band’s ability to connect with their audience.

Modern Day Meltdown is Packetloss’ Ep Out Now!


This EP / alongside all of our songs was created remotely. “Packetloss” has never met as a full band and has done all recording over the internet. This weird and wacky workflow brings ideas to the table that we never thought possible before. Packetloss is a band that breaks up what it means to be a band.

Packetloss was formed in April of 2023. The lead guitarist and vocalist Jamie met Geetar Jack on Jamulus and started playing covers of songs together. Steve joined playing drums at times (when he didn’t wake the kids bashing on his drums). In April, Jamie wrote a song called “Guided by the Storm (not released yet)” and enlisted Geetar Jack for Bass and Rhythm Guitar and Steve for Drums.

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