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Modern Lies is The Breakdown’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Breakdown crashes onto the scene with “Modern Lies,” a single that’s as intense as it is intriguing.

Modern Lies is The Breakdown’s Single Out Now

 The listener is immediately drawn in by the vocalist’s deep and powerful voice, a commanding presence that sets the tone for the song’s emotional journey.

The sound of The Breakdown defies easy categorization. It’s undeniably modern, yet echoes with influences of R.E.M. and The National. Their music is a sophisticated blend of atmospheric textures and alternative rock energy.

A highlight of the track is the bridge at 2:25. Here, The Breakdown takes a visionary and ethereal turn, crafting a sound that feels both transcendent and slightly unsettling.

The chord progressions are meticulously crafted, and the arrangements are top-notch. The tight musicianship shines through, and shows the countless hours spent honing their craft.

“Modern Lies” is a discovery. This is a band with serious talent and a clear vision. Their ability to blend alternative rock and a touch of classic influence makes for a truly unique and engaging listening experience.

If you’re looking for a band that pushes boundaries and explores the darker corners of modern life, The Breakdown is a must-listen.

Modern Lies is The Breakdown’s Single Out Now!


Modern Lies is The Breakdown’s Single Out Now

Exploding onto the London music scene with unparalleled vigour, The Breakdown are a melodic rock band that fuses iconic British influences with cutting-edge modern rock elements. Following the success of their sophomore release “This Rigged Machine”, the band are releasing new material for 2024.

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