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Molly! is Said The People’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Said The People’s single “Molly!” is a pure embodiment of rock essence. From the first note, it’s clear that these musicians are not only skilled but also thoroughly enjoy playing together.

Molly! is Said The People’s Single Out Now

Their dedication in the rehearsal room shines through, resulting in a remarkable musical alchemy that’s truly enviable.

“Molly!” is a no-nonsense rock song that throws you headfirst into a sonic experience with no strings attached.

It channels the spirit of the 70s, with unmistakable vibes that make you want to hop in your car and embark on an endless journey down the American highways.

The track’s raw energy and authenticity harken back to a time when rock was all about unbridled passion and a love for the music.

It’s evident that Said The People is composed of great musicians with a wealth of compositional experience.

The refined changes in rhythm and harmonic intuitions throughout “Molly!” demonstrate their prowess in crafting a song that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

The ability to seamlessly transition between different rhythmic patterns and harmonies adds depth and dimension to the track, making it a compelling and dynamic listening experience.

What sets “Molly!” apart is its ability to transport the listener to a different era while maintaining a fresh and contemporary sound.

The song captures the essence of classic rock while infusing it with a modern twist, appealing to both nostalgic rock enthusiasts and new generations of music lovers.

Said The People has delivered a track that is a must-listen for anyone seeking a genuine rock and roll experience.

Molly! is Said The People’s Single Out Now!


Molly! is Said The People’s Single Out Now

Southern Alternative rock from DFW, Texas.

Logan Leavoy – Guitar/Vocals Colten Lane – Guitar/Vocals Rich Regier- Bass/Vocals Dalton Walters- Drums

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