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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Molosser

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Molosser. I discovered this Duo while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked the atmosphere of their music.

This duo is capable of creating wonderful atmospheres, from the first notes they reminded me of Björk’s way of composing music.

An experimental, different and unique sound that has the ability to hypnotize you.

The singer has an ethereal and crystalline voice that doesn’t hide a rock and melancholic vein.

The arrangements are essential, in some passages, the repetitiveness of the chords reminded me of the music of the ’70s and especially the Doors.

A modern music that looks to the past but that manages to merge different genres in an innovative musical style.

The recording is professional and in particular, I liked the mix that leaves the right space for each sound element and the songs breathe well.

Go and listen to them it’s worth it.

Unsolid is Molosser’s Single Out Now!

Fantastic Vibes!


Molosser’s music is built around the interplay of two acoustic guitars, down-tuned in a way that gives them the possibility to share the role of bass as well as rhythm and melody playing. Rather than using traditional acoustic guitar techniques of strumming or fingerpicking, Molosser weave deceptively simple and minimalistic lines and riffs into dancing, rolling patterns to which the vocals can add one more voice and deliver strong, poetical and highly personal lyrics.

Any virtuosity involved is less about dexterity or speed and more about composition, arrangement and balance. One of the foundations for the music is having access to two rather different musical temperaments, intent on creating a common territory – not necessarily a middle ground but rather a wide, including landscape.

Molosser members Tess and Jahn share a life outside the duo as well, living at a small farm in Småland, Sweden with a herd of three old sheep, a gang of uncharacteristically sociable cats and a bunch of chickens.

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