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Monster is Grace & Moji’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the enchanting realm of music, where artistry intertwines with introspection, Grace & Moji’s latest single, “Monster,” emerges as a captivating blend of psychedelic allure and thought-provoking lyricism.

Monster is Grace & Moji’s Single Out Now

A harmonious convergence of catchy melodies and profound introspection, this track takes listeners on a journey through the hidden recesses of the mind, exploring the shadows that linger in the corners of our consciousness.

At first listen, “Monster” exudes an uplifting and engaging ambiance, drawing the listener in with its infectious melodies and compelling rhythms.

The duo’s knack for crafting catchy hooks and engaging musical arrangements is immediately evident, creating an initial sense of familiarity and resonance.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a deeper narrative that speaks to the complexities of the human experience.

Grace & Moji’s songwriting delves into the enigmatic labyrinth of our inner selves, shedding light on the concealed facets of our psyche.

The lyrics, while seemingly cloaked in the guise of an upbeat composition, serve as a poignant exploration of the shadow aspects that reside within us all.

The juxtaposition of the buoyant music with the contemplative themes creates a captivating tension, inviting listeners to peer into the depths of their own emotions.

“Monster” artfully captures the sensation of being ensnared within the cage of one’s own thoughts and emotions.

The production of “Monster” is a testament to the duo’s professionalism and creative prowess. The track boasts a polished and well-crafted sound, with each element thoughtfully arranged to enhance the overall impact.

From the psychedelic-tinged instrumentation to the nuanced vocal performances, every aspect of the production contributes to the immersive sonic experience.

One of the standout qualities of Grace & Moji is their exceptional compositional talent and artistic vision. The duo’s ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive musical narrative showcases their innovative approach to music-making.

“Monster” is a testament to their willingness to explore the depths of human emotion and present it through a captivating sonic lens.

Monster is Grace & Moji’s Single Out Now!


Monster is Grace & Moji’s Single Out Now

Los Angeles-based artist/producer duo Grace Hong and Martin Wave, known as Grace & Moji, debut their collaboration in which they explore love, creative expression, and healing in their relationship.

Grace, a native New Yorker raised in a broken home by Korean immigrants, began studying classical piano and voice at a young age. With a career spanning international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, she left it all behind in search of happiness and purpose as an artist. In 2021, she launched her solo project as Nolo Grace, releasing the debut single “Wake Up” featuring Sean Kingston. Today, Grace’s multifaceted career encompasses business consulting in private equity, co-founding the creative community PARASOL, and serving on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Save the Music.

Martin, an award-winning, platinum-selling music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, hails from the forests of Sweden. With a passion for music production from an early age, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2018. His extensive repertoire includes hundreds of millions of streams, collaborations with notable artists, and compositions for films, video games, and global brand campaigns. Martin’s ability to evoke emotions and create immersive experiences shines through his blend of cinematic soundscapes, beats, and introspective lyrics that explore personal transformation and a sense of belonging.

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