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Monsters is SALT’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SALT basks in genre-bending brilliance with their new single, “Monsters.” The track opens with a refined atmosphere, a bossa nova-tinged guitar that evokes the sun-drenched beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Monsters is SALT’s Single Out Now

 But beneath this laid-back facade lies a deeper current. The vocalist’s voice, a smoky reverb dripping with intensity, injects a stark contrast, pushing the song towards introspection and a darker edge.

This isn’t the first time SALT has walked a tightrope between genres. They seem to thrive on playing with contrasting emotions, a quality that shines through in “Monsters.”

The song is steeped in 80s vibes, a nostalgia touch that adds charm to its inherent instability.

This very tension is what makes “Monsters” so captivating. It’s a song that feels like a summer day with a storm brewing just over the horizon.

The contrasting elements – the breezy guitar and the brooding vocals – create a compelling push and pull, keeping the listener constantly engaged.

“Monsters” is another strong effort from a band that consistently surprises.

Monsters is SALT’s Single Out Now!


Monsters is SALT’s Single Out Now

This song is more jazzier than normal for us, makes us sound grown up, even though we have a long time ago. we wanted it to be kind of creepy but with a harsh melancholy.

SALT are a band made up of wife and husband Sharon and Robin, with friends of the family of Simon and James.

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