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Munich is The Train Rockers’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is The Train Rockers and their single Munich.

Munich is The Train Rockers’ Single Out Now

Behind a great band, there is always a great vision.

The Train Rockers have a very interesting compositional approach. This band finds inspiration from the experiences it lives. They always try to push themselves out of their comfort zone to look for real emotions.

Munich is a sincere song, a sound that in some moments reminded me of bands like U2.

Surely these guys have something to say and above all what drives them to make music is not fame and success but trying to live intense moments and share them with people.

It is evident that The Train Rockers have a lot of experience behind them and that they spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room. The musical alchemy they have achieved is fantastic.

Straight forward alternative rock with no strings attached.

This band produces real music… go and listen to them, it’s worth it!

Munich is The Train Rockers’ Single Out Now!

Solid and Mature!

Munich is The Train Rockers’ Single Out Now

Munich tells the story of the “birth” of our band. It was kind of unintended and “happened” in the ugly part of town. One Friday night in 2015 my friends and I took heart, grabbed our acoustic instruments, and started to play some songs we knew at the “Munich Liberty”, a famous bar district.

There are a lot of hip places for musicians in Munich, but somehow, we were more attracted by those dirty streets and its people, we all knew too well. It’s a crazy part of town: even rivaling football supporters are having a good time here together, at least on Friday nights. So, this was the perfect place for one Turk, one Englishman and three Bavarians playing music together.

Although the start was not perfectly smooth, we soon tasted the magic of the “Liberty”. People began to enjoy our music, sometimes even football hooligans and rappers joined us. But what touched us the most were encounters with burdened souls.

One evening a tall man just stood there, listening for a long time. Weeks later he told us, that he had been on his way to take his life by jumping in front of a train. Somehow the music had stopped him. Another Friday night we realized two homeless people standing on “our” spot. First, we were not amused – (I know that’s cold, and we know, we are no heroes), but then we listened to their stories and were moved to tears. We started playing for them, to whom life hadn’t been good. It was a beautiful, joyful night.

Our song “Munich” tries to capture the magic of this place, ugly at first glance but beautiful in its imperfection. And the rare moments of love between “fellow humans” who come here to forget their hatred, their loss, and to numb their pain. These encounters inspired us to write our own songs. And right there in the streets of Munich, our musical and cultural differences were melting together, trying to bring a little tune, a little light, a little love, maybe a little faith to the ugly part of our town. Later we played in subway wagons, (that’s how we got our name) pubs and even jails, but that is another story.

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