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MVP is Paulcito’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Paul Paulcito, the mastermind behind the “MVP” project, isn’t just an artist; he’s a sonic architect.

MVP is Paulcito’s Album Out Now

 This album isn’t a collection of songs; it’s a journey through a musical landscape where inspiration from the past collides with audacious innovation.

A deep love for the music of yesteryear fuels Paulcito’s songwriting. Psychedelic flourishes evoke the spirit of the 70s, but his approach is far from derivative. He injects a fresh perspective, creating a unique “sonic limbo” that transcends decades.

“MVP” throws the rulebook out the window. Paulcito’s compositions are guided by pure instinct and a burning passion for sonic exploration.

The result is a refreshingly irreverent album that pushes boundaries and showcases the limitless creative potential of this artist.

A special nod goes to “Por Que Me Miras Asi,” a track that beautifully blends Paulcito’s genre-bending tendencies with the infectious energy of a Spanish composition.

This song highlights his ability to weave diverse influences into his musical world.

Each song on “MVP” shows Paulcito’s musical universe. It’s an album that rewards repeated listens, as hidden details and subtle nuances emerge with each exploration. The more you delve into it, the richer the experience becomes.

The album is masterfully produced by the skilful hands of Carl Dennis, who can make all the instruments in the mix breathe with his talent.

“MVP” is a call to open your mind and embrace the unconventional. It’s an album that defies easy categorization, demanding the listener to actively engage with its unique musical universe.

MVP is Paulcito’s Album Out Now!


MVP is Paulcito’s Album Out Now

MVP is Paulcito's Album Out Now

Paul, or Paulcito, or Paul Paulcito, is a somewhat bilingual Pop-rock-soul-experimental singer/composer currently residing in Warwick Rhode Island, USA. Most people call me Paul and some call me Meester Reynolds. But we are not related to any famous Reynolds Hollywood people like Burt or Debbie, nor related to the Reynolds Wrap company family people. Other nicknames I have been given include Bubbles, Pasha and El Martillo.

NYC/Long Island based music man/innovator/beat master/producer Carl Dennis (aka CD Music or Carl Does Music) is the generator of the Paulcito sound.

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