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My Dog is Zoe Bayani’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Zoe Bayani’s latest single, “My Dog,” is an intriguing journey through a musical twilight, where intense emotions blend with delicate melancholy, revealing the artist’s soul in a unique and artistic composition.

My Dog is Zoe Bayani’s Single Out Now

Bayani’s ability to merge the nostalgia of the 90s with a modern twist in alternative rock and folk is truly fantastic.

The nostalgic vibes reminiscent of the 90s are evident in Bayani’s musical approach, and yet, she manages to infuse a modern flair, especially through her voice and innovative chord progressions.

This amalgamation of past and present creates a distinct sound, placing Zoe Bayani in a musical limbo uniquely her own.

“My Dog” unfolds as a crescendo of emotion, starting with a gentle pace that gradually intensifies, providing listeners with a profound and immersive experience.

One cannot help but draw parallels to iconic bands like The Cranberries, as certain moments in the chord progression evoke a familiar nostalgia.

However, Zoe Bayani’s sound is a fresh and contemporary take on these influences, establishing her as a noteworthy artist with a distinctive voice in the alternative rock/folk genre.

Zoe Bayani’s “My Dog” is a great discovery. I highly recommend this track to everyone looking for an intense musical experience.

My Dog is Zoe Bayani’s Single Out Now!


My Dog is Zoe Bayani’s Single Out Now

Atlanta based, 21 year old independent singer-songwriter, Zoe Bayani, draws inspiration from nostalgic 70s Americana and 90s Soft Rock, and she uses her dreamy songwriting skills to create a sound that is new and current, yet familiar and reminiscent of her old timey idols. Being an introvert with a lot to say, Zoe’s songs are deeply personal and detailed, yet filled with enough emotion for her audience to relate to. Transport yourself into her self-proclaimed melancholy as you listen to her music.

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