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My Enemy is Ross Freedman’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the very first notes of Ross Freedman’s “My Enemy” EP, it becomes evident that you’re in the presence of a singer-songwriter who has honed his craft through years of experience.

My Enemy is Ross Freedman’s Ep Out Now

The EP offers an alternative pop-rock sound infused with modern sensibilities, a sonic tapestry that, in my opinion also pays homage to the captivating soundscapes of the 80s/90s.

What truly sets Freedman apart, however, is the raw and heartfelt interpretation of his lyrics—when he sings, you can’t help but believe in the emotional truth of his words. It’s clear that this is an artist with something genuine to convey.

Freedman’s vocal delivery is passionate and sincere, infusing each lyric with an authenticity that is often elusive in the music industry.

There’s a palpable connection between the artist and his words, creating an intimate listening experience that draws you in from start to finish.

The melodies within “My Enemy” are meticulously crafted, showcasing Freedman’s songwriting prowess.

The EP serves as a testament to the kaleidoscopic artistic nature of Ross Freedman, allowing us to glimpse into the depth and breadth of his creative range. “My Enemy” is a musical journey that takes you through a spectrum of emotions.

The songs are not only solid but also multifaceted, revealing new layers with each listen. Freedman delivers an EP that speaks volumes with every note and every lyric.

My Enemy is Ross Freedman’s Ep Out Now!


My Enemy is Ross Freedman’s Ep Out Now

An indie rock singer-songwriter based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Ross Freedman’s songs aim for the head and the heart—his lyrics are often earnest, intimate and universal. Musically, he is deeply influenced by the AM radio kingpins of the 1970s, and you can hear echoes from that time period in both the songs’ structure and their warm production.

Originally from the north suburbs of Boston, Ross wrote his first song (“The Martian Street”) at 8 years old, which is also the year he began piano lessons. When he played in high school orchestra and marching band, he switched over to percussion, while also learning the bass guitar because the bass player for the rock band he played in never showed up for any rehearsals. In college, Ross continued to play bass in a couple of bands, took guitar lessons, and studied engineering and production. All the while, writing songs and recording them to cassette tape on a 4-track recorder.

After a brief time in Washington D.C., Ross moved to Chicago, where he took (and still takes) songwriting classes at the world-famous Old Town School, eventually recording his first two albums, “Hold Fast” (2011) and “Fall” (2016) with Steve Dawson serving as producer. He released new music—the single “horizon”—in 2022.


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