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My Very Good Days is Ainti’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ainti’s “My Very Good Days” isn’t just a song, it’s a sonic odyssey that grabs you from the opening riff and doesn’t let go.

My Very Good Days is Ainti’s Single Out Now

The industrial heartbeat thumps like a war drum, setting the stage for a journey through haunting verses and dynamic landscapes.

Imagine Björk’s ethereal depth laced with the raw urgency of Rage Against the Machine, all guided by the deft hand of a cinematic maestro like Antonio Revuelta.

The bridge explodes with electrifying energy, a jolt of rebellion in the vein of RATM, before melting into a mesmerizing soundscape that pushes the boundaries of musical exploration.

Each section unfolds like a scene in a film, vivid imagery painted with meticulous attention to detail and a dynamic range that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The singer voice is a unique instrument channeling raw emotion and authenticity. She speaks directly to your soul, leaving an indelible mark with each phrase.

This isn’t just music, it’s a conversation, a confession, a journey of self-discovery soundtracked by an innovative artist unafraid to experiment.

Buckle up, open your ears, and prepare to be fashinated by the sonic alchemy of Ainti.

My Very Good Days is Ainti’s Single Out Now!


My Very Good Days is Ainti’s Single Out Now

My Very Good Days goes through the surface of fun and dives into the raw essence of female desire. The lyrics cut through societal judgments and narrow perspectives, laying bare the resilience inherent in the feminine spirit.

Ainti is a solo electronic music project, formed by Antonio Revuelta and guest artists. Main influences are electronic music, industrial, trip-hop, rock, R&B, post-punk and several other artists.

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