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Mythologies is Herald K’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Herald K is entertaining us today with a magnificent album…are you ready for the experience?

Mythologies is Herald K’s Album Out Now

A superlative work that really moved me.

This music has taken me far and it was able to dissolve the reality that surrounded me making me see country landscapes.
I imagined grasslands and wind blowing through wheat fields.

Herald K’s music shows that he lives in the heart of Europe. His music is the crossroads of many cultures. The Balkan, the Nordic, and the Latin ones.

A refined storyteller who, in addition to creating beautiful melodies, seasons them with unusual lyrics and concepts.

The theme of the album is myths.

The production is fantastic in fact the instruments sing their essence…the wood rumbles and the strings vibrate.

An album to be sipped slowly like a glass of aged whiskey in order to savor all the many nuances.

Herald K is the European singer-songwriter closest to the legendary American folk artists.

Mythologies is an exceptional album that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Mythologies is Herald K’s Album Out Now!

Intense and Solid!

Mythologies is Herald K’s Album Out Now

‘Mythologies’ is Herald K’s second album. It contains ten songs, each of which explores the theme mythology in its own way. Some are musical versions of ancient myths. Others are myth-like in spirit or style. Old tales, yet timeless, and of contemporary relevance too. Whether originating in Greece, Rome, Ireland or elsewhere: Universal stories all. Ten songs connected by recurring motifs and archetypes. An album of original arrangements of mainly old acoustic instruments, yet postmodern in its production.

Herald K is a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria.

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