Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Nameless City is Sunset the Machine's Single Out Now
Nameless City is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sunset the Machine explodes onto the scene with “Nameless City,” a hard rock anthem that grabs you by the throat from the first bass riff.

Nameless City is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

It’s direct, a relentless wall of sound built on a foundation of simple, infectious grooves.

The guitars are the real stars here. The bass riff lays down the law, and the distorted guitars come crashing in, creating an assault that will have your head nodding involuntarily.

These guys are riff masters, crafting hooks that burrow deep and refuse to let go.

The vocalist channels his inner James Hetfield at times, spitting out the lyrics with raw energy that perfectly complements the music’s intensity.

The solo is pure adrenaline, practically daring you to raise your fist in the air. This is a song that demands to be experienced live, surrounded by a sweaty mob of headbangers ready to pogo until their legs give out.

“Nameless City” is pure, unadulterated rock and roll. It’s unpretentious, unfiltered, and in-your-face. Sunset the Machine doesn’t mess around with bells and whistles – they just deliver the pure, primal joy of music.

This is a band that loves playing together, and that passion translates into every note. If you’re looking for a shot of adrenaline, look no further. Sunset the Machine is the real deal.

Nameless City is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now!


Members of Portland, Oregon’s ‘Sunset the Machine’ started hammering out riffs together in 2018. Blending together influences from hard rock/metal to punk and even elements of trippy space rock, Sunset the Machine have worked out enough material for a full length album which was promptly recorded last summer at Sisterly Silence Studios in Portland. For the last year, they have taken their high energy set of songs to the stage, hitting several venues around the Northwest and have since developed a continuously growing local fan base.

Sunset the Machine’s debut titled ‘First Contact’ has a planned release later this year/early next year, and the band are currently in the process of putting together regional tours starting in spring of 2024 extending their reach out to other states and roping in new fans along the way. ‘First Contact’ gives great hope to further development with every future release that will surely keep their momentum going for years to come.

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