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National Ramble is Shane Larmand’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the opening tune “Wave to Glide,” it’s evident that Shane Larmand’s “National Ramble” is crafted with a sophisticated touch and seasoned songwriting.

National Ramble is Shane Larmand’s Album Out Now

This song’s guitar solo resonates with the spirit of Mark Knopfler, evoking a sense of nostalgia that is truly distinctive.

Larmand’s music blends many influences into a unique sound that is deeply evocative and original.

As the album unfolds, other tracks bring to mind the heartfelt intensity of Neil Young, particularly songs like “Harvest Moon” and “White Horses in The Woods.”

The latter’s rich acoustic layers and soulful lyrics make it one of the album’s standout moments, highlighting Larmand’s ability to channel deep emotion through his music.

“National Ramble,” the album’s title track, is my favourite and particularly intriguing with its rhythmic cadence.

The vocal melody has an unexpected but delightful hint of Alice in Chains, infused with a Western flair that feels gritty and expansive.

This song’s fusion of a grunge halo and Western elements is truly inspiring, showcasing Larmand’s kaleidoscopic musical vision.

 “National Ramble” is a solid collection of songs that traverse various emotional landscapes. Larmand’s visionary approach and the album’s eclectic influences make it a standout release.

Each track offers something new, yet the album remains cohesive, tied together by Larmand’s distinctive voice and masterful guitar work.

National Ramble is Shane Larmand’s Album Out Now!


“Shane Larmand: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Bass, Metallophone Jeff Weeks: Drums, Percussion, Samples.

Mostly this is an individual singer-songwriter project with important contributions from Jeff Weeks, the sound engineer where the album was recorded (302 Productions, Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada) with guest appearances from a variety of artists.

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