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Never Be My Wife is I Panic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I Panic’s latest single, “Never Be My Wife,” is another gem that showcases the artist’s unique songwriting.

Never Be My Wife is I Panic’s Single Out Now

I liked a lot the solo, the listener is drawn right away into the musical world of I Panic.

The melody of the guitar serves as a perfect introduction to the narrative. The verse, with its catchy hooks, keeps the listener engaged, laying a solid foundation for the musical exploration that follows.

What truly impressed me is the unexpected chord progression in the chorus, particularly the change of harmony at 1:09. This twist is brilliant, injecting a sense of instability that demands attention.

This artistic decision is a spark of genius, leaving the audience eager to unravel its complexities.

The fusion of prog-rock vibes with a pop attitude adds complexity to the song, showcasing I Panic’s versatility as an artist. It’s a delightful blend that keeps the music interesting and dynamic throughout.

The mysterious bridge paves the way for an engaging outro.

As a fan of I Panic, “Never Be My Wife” only solidifies my admiration for the artist’s ability to push boundaries and deliver fresh, innovative soundscapes.

Never Be My Wife is I Panic’s Single Out Now!


Never Be My Wife is I Panic’s Single Out Now

From the artist: “Maybe because I grew up in my grandmother’s record store, my songs are sometimes hard to categorize but are best described as Alternative Rock with a touch of theatre. Musically I find inspiration in great artists ranging from Tom Waits, Cole Porter, Randy Newman, and Jacques Brel to David Bowie, Joe Jackson, Echo & the Bunnymen, Elvis Costello, and R.E.M.
For me, the lyrics of the songs are just as important as the music. Lyrics should be like storytelling, feeding on the tension of not knowing what will happen. Often, I turn daily life events into songs like catchy little stories, some with a hinge for irony.”

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